Stan Goldfarb Stan Goldfarb

Stan Goldfarb has been an active member of the NCCAVS since 1974, and of the AVS since 1960. He was the 2003 Chairman of the Vacuum Science and Technology Division of the AVS. Stanley Godfarb received his BS in chemical engineering from CCNY. His experience at Veeco Instruments included Field Sales, Training Director, and the Applications Engineering Laboratory Manager. He moved to California in 1970 to join first Airco-Temescal, then UTI as Sales and Marketing Manager. In 1977, he co-founded US, Inc., a sales and marketing organization serving the high-vacuum and thin-film markets and manufactured a small planar magnetron sputter source designed for research and development. Stanley founded Exxus in 1985, and Exxustech in 1996. He has taught courses in vacuum technology, leak detection, total and partial pressure analysis for the AVS and many corporations.

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