What's up with magnetism?!

Tool #2: Magnetism!


"Magnet" is the root word of magnetism -- a word which you are most likely familiar with. Magnetism is the attraction/repulsion due to magnetic fields.* See the action! The magnetic force is used in maglev (magnetic levitation) transportation systems, magnetic compass devices, and separating metals and materials. Some aquatic animals, birds, bees, and bacteria even detect low amplitude magnetic fields and use these fields for navigation! By monitoring brain wave activity, research experiments have shown that large magnetic fields can induce a deep, natural sleep in animals.

I use magnetism to redirect cosmic rays (ionizing radiation composed of protons, alpha particles, and other ionized atomic nuclei originating from space) away from my spaceship so that the ship doesn't get damaged!

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* Sometimes scientists and engineers associate north poles and south poles with the orientation for the magnetic field. All sources of magnetic fields have a north pole tied to a south pole. Unlike positive and negative charges, one can not isolate a north pole from a south pole. Even if you cut a magnet in half, you will still create two north poles and two south poles where a north pole is always associated with a south pole in each half.


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