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Overall Mission Statement and Broad Capability Description for Electromagnetics Laboratory and Pulsed Power Laboratory

The Electromagnetics Laboratory and the Pulsed Power Laboratory have been developed for research studies on electromagnetic phenomena interacting with materials, liquids, gases and plasmas in support of government and private industry.

The Electromagnetics Laboratory currently houses millions of dollars of equipment which includes: red light and infrared laser sources, optic tables, high and low voltage DC sources, low amperage DC current sources, rf and microwave sources, RF shielding room, and measuring equipment. The Electromagnetics Laboratory also houses a UHV chamber equipped with an electron gun, an electron micro-channel plate/delay-line-anode detector (MCP/DLD) (the detector is a single and multiple electron/ion/photon (UV) positioning detector), cryostat (minimum temperature range between 8.1 and 9.5 degrees Kelvin) and manipulator arm with sputtering capabilities. The Pulsed power Laboratory houses the curent research for pulsed power. Smaller sources are built in the laboratory proper. Outside of equipment, the laboratory possesses and applies a variety of codes to model the interaction of electromagnetic fields with materials both in the DC, AC and pulsed power field environments. The laboratory also has some select capabilities of studying electron interaction with materials.



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