List of Infrastructure

Electrical/Electronic Instrumentation

1 GHz 5 GS/s TDS 680B Real Time Scope

6 GHz 20 GS/s TDS 6604 Real Time Scope

AGI 8722 ES 50 MHz-40 GHz Vector Analyzer

Kiethley Electrometer

HP 8444A –opt 59 Tracking Generator 0.5 – 1500 MHz

HP 85056D Calibration Kit

HP 8569B 0.01 to 22 GHz Spectrum Analyzer

Real Time 1 GHz Oscilloscopes with Scope Cameras

Modeling Software

Cadence (PSpice, PSpice AD, PSpice Optimizer, Capture, Layout)

Field Precision 2D and 3D Electromagnetic and Pulsed Power Modeling Codes

Large Scale Plasma Code (LSP)

Monte Carlo Secondary Electron Emission Code

Electronic Workbench

Microwave Office
Optical Software Rayica-Wavica
Magic (future)


Bragg Cell

Optic Benches

Power Meters

Optical Amplifiers


HeNe Lasers

Pulsed CO 2 Lasers

3 J Pulsed Ruby Lasers


Pulsed Power Sources

Nevada Shocker

540 kV, 4.2 kJ (nine 0.28 microFarad capacitors; 60 kV) Marx powering a Blumlein providing a 50 ns pulse (~14 nF in charging mode; about ~7 nF discharging mode) into a 7 Ohm discharging water dielectric transmission line to a parallel plate diode in a 10 -6 Torr vacuum (~9 ns risetime, ~50 ns to 100 ns pulse in a an open circuited load)

10 kV pulser with pulse sharpener

10 kV, 50 Ohm load, 150 ps risetime, 10 ns pulse ... pulse width options 10ns, 50 ns, and 200 ns

Low Voltage avalanche transistor pulser

120 V, 8-10 A, 1.2 ns rise and fall times, 5 ns Gaussian pulse width

Very low voltage tunnel diode pulser

300 mV, 50 Ohm, ~ 700 ps rise time, slow fall times, pulse width ?

Very low voltage step recovery diode pulser

200 mV, 50 Ohm, 300 ps rise time, slow fall times, pulse width ?

Vacuum Pumps

Cryogenic Pumps

Cryosorption Pumps

Diaphragm Pumps

ION Pumps

Oil Sealed Mechanical Pumps
Turbo Pumps
Utility Pumps

Vacuum Systems

Diode end of Nevada Shocker

Secondary Electron Emission Test Stand

Mini-UHV Materials Test Stand

Mini-Machine Shop



Drill Press

Miscellaneous Hardware

rf shielding room

De-ionizing water purification system


Power Supplies

110 KV 2KW Power Supply

90 kV 2.5 kW Power Supply

Miscellaneous Software


Data Acquisition System (LABVIEW software)

Digital Visual Fortran

ISML Libraries


Microsoft Visual C++

Solid Works

Visual Basic